Hi ladies, it has been forever since i posted about cosmetics. So I have decided that I am going to talk about lipsticks! A lipstick is a vital component in completing any makeup look. One wrong colour can ruin any makeup, no matter how perfect it may be. So, I have listed below my lipstick collection as well as swatches and pictures of the lipsticks.

The lipsticks below represent some of the best neutral/nude lipsticks that MAC carries. Other than the PURE ZEN shade, the rest fall in MAC’s regular collection. For under $30, you can never go wrong with MAC lipsticks. As you can see, I don’t even have my own picture of Spirit as that is my number 1 lipstick for MAC!


These lipsticks are in the pink/nude shades other than Deeply Adored from MAC’s Marilyn Monroe collection. The colour is my favourite RED shade and is a must have if you can still get it! The colour Siss is also from a limited edition collection and is a very pale colour- perfect for very pale skinned individuals.


These shades are some of the purple/pink shades with the exception of Deep Love which is an intense burgundy brown shade. It is perfect for Halloween or even very nude makeup. Lickable is an Intense pink that is absolutely vibrant and is perfect for all skin tones. MAC Red is also one of MAC’s most sold lipstick, other than Ruby Woo. However, I still love the red lipstick from Marilyn’s collection.


These swatches represent other lipsticks that I have from Dior and Chanel. The lipstick Superstition is a very light colour that just gives the lips a wash of colour with a slight sparkle. Dior’s Amadis Pink is perfect on darker skinned tones and is my go to lipstick for my darker skinned clients. Red Racer was also from a previous MAC collection which is the Sailor collection and is an orange red tone. It is beautiful on fair-medium skinned tones.


These shades include lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden and Dior. Dior’s Hollywood lipstick was from the Holiday collection and is a perfect change to the classic Red lip. This lipstick is beautiful shade of PINK and gives a classic iconic look to anyone who wants to give a twist to the perfect Hollywood Glam Look. The lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden are beautiful shades but I don’t like the way the lipsticks smell and there is a weird taste if you were to lick your lips. Rebel is the number 1 dark tone from MAC and is a must have for those who are bold and dare to up the amp on their makeup looks.


All of the lipsticks are between $24-$45 with MAC being among the cheaper range. I hope the swatches and my short review helps! Take care and start glamming those lips up!


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