Top 5 Mascaras of all time

Hi ladies, I am back with another product review. I am going to write all about Mascaras! Those fluttering, dramatic, luscious lashes that we all dream about just makes us want to wear false lashes everyday! However, for those of us who really have no idea how to put on false lashes or have the patience and time to put on lashes, this review is for you lash loving girls out there.

1. DiorShow Iconic Overcurl


This is the awesome-st mascara that I have ever tried. I chanced upon this mascara when my friend wanted to buy the Dior New look mascara and when I tried this on, it was like I died and went to lash heaven! It gives me the most curled lashes even without using the eyelash curlers.It is about $42-$52 but it is oh so worth it! This is the best mascara hands on in my opinion.

2. Dior Show New Look


This is the first Mascara that I have ever tried from Dior. This coupled with Iconic Overcurl gives the best lashes. Dior New look gives the lashes length and Dior Overcurl literally over-curls the lashes. This cost almost about the same as Dior Overcurl and is a great companion with Dior Overcurl. It coats each lash with enough product to give you the darkest of lashes.

3. MAC Haute & Naughty Lash


This mascara comes with two wands. The wand in pink is for natural looking lashes and gives your lashes just enough lift for a day look. The brush is thinner and gives out lesser product. The purple glittery wand has a fatter brush and picks up more product to give your lashes a plumping and luscious effect giving you super defined lashes. This product can be used individually with either wand or together to give your lashes a great boost. This retails at $33-$38.

 4. Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara


This mascara does exactly what its name suggests. It does give you doll like lashes! It is perfect for those who have lashes that needs a bit more of a thickening effect. This smells amazing and it works even on shorter lashes. The mascara is also pretty costly and costs between $42-$52. It has a thicker wand which also picks up more product allowing you to use more product to define the lashes with just one swipe on the lashes.

5. Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping


This is the cheapest of all the mascaras that I have but it is really comparable to the mascaras above. This retails at $18-$20 and it a really plumping mascara that gives your lashes strength and even prevents lash fall. It is a really awesome product. However, the only drawback is that the wand and brush is on the bigger side and may not be suitable for those with smaller eyes or really short lashes.

Lastly, my secret weapons are almond oil and Vaseline. Both almond oil and Vaseline cost less than $3 but they work wonders on skin, hair and especially on eye lashes! They both have strengthening properties and prevents hair loss and are great products to use in your nightly regimens before sleeping! I hope this post helps you and flutter those lashes away! 🙂

Thanks to all the links below for the amazing pictures.











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