Fashion Begins with Wearing the Right Undergarments

I recently watched an episode on the beauty show titled Lady First and they were talking about the topic of wearing the Right Undergarments. I was really impressed with their candid nature and open-ness in speaking about undergarments on national tv that I decided to blog about it. As humans, we try to conceal the parts that we don’t like and “cheat” our way into looking fabulous. No matter the size, wearing the right undergarments change the way you look and especially change the way you feel.

I am no perfection myself and sometimes I even rely on body shapers to give me the close to perfect figure that I want and I am not ashamed to admit it. However, body shapers aside- I am sure many of you have walked past people with really obvious VPLs or the longer term for it would be visible panty lines. You know those that really show the kind of tight, unsightly undergarments that you have which should not be emphasizing certain areas that you want hidden.

I am sensing a guilty sign on most of your faces! We all have had one of those days haven’t we? So here I am to talk about what undergarments can do, just from personal experience, for my body type.

1. Proper bra fitting. As a well-endowed woman, it is important to be properly fitted with the right bra. Not only does the right bra, support the weight of bigger bust women like myself, it also lifts the bust area and provides additional back support for all the weight that we are carrying in the front. Not only that, it also minimizes back fat and allows your clothes to fall smoothly over your body shape.

2. Seamless undergarments. Most undergarment companies now carry seamless underwear at affordable prices. They not only give you the butt support that you need; they also eliminate the dreaded VPL that I completely hate to see. It gives you a nice clean look, without emphasizing the panty-line that sometimes seems to show how tight the undergarments are on the body.

3. Wearing the right type of bra and undies for the right type of outfit. If you are wearing a thigh body-con dress, go for a thong and a dress slip with a corset feel. The thong eliminates the panty line while the dress slip, gives your dress a nice smooth feel without any lumps and bumps that are waiting to come out.

4. Heavily padded bras are a no-no for bigger bust women. They make your bust almost reach you chin area and it is really an unsightly image. Sometimes, keeping the “goodies” hidden is much more sexier than showing all your “goods” at once. Sexiness must be kept to a minimum because for bigger busted women, no matter what you wear, the bust is still there so don’t worry about looking flat-chested!

5.Avoiding the use of strapless bras. As bigger busted women, we need all the support we can get so if you really must use that strapless bra, find one that is at least three quarter cup. Finding a bra that is half-cup doesn’t give you the support that is needed and as such, your bust-line can look droopy and prolonged lack of support can cause severe back problems and saggy boobs.

Thanks to ladyfirst for bringing this topic up. I have written my opinions based on my own personal experiences and in no way or form am I forcing my opinions on anyone! If you like my post, do read my next post on ways to deal with negative criticism on weight issues.

Take care!



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