So Finally,the long awaited MARC JACOBS Beauty range landed in Sephora Stores in Singapore on 17 April 2014 and boy was there a long queue at the largest store in Ion Orchard.

I decided to go to the smaller store at Takashimaya shopping centre to check out the range and immediately I reached out for the liquid foundation which has been having rave reviews.

So I reached out for the GENIUS GEL SUPER-CHARGED FOUNDATION. It is a foundation with a built-in pump so i squeezed some on my wrist and blended it out with my fingers. Honestly, I didn’t like it very much at first. It felt like the foundation was visible on my skin and didn’t really blend in seamlessly as per the swatch below.


Just then, the sales promoter came over and told me that the foundation works the best with THE FACE 1 BRUSH

So she pumped some on my hand and used the brush. She first stippled it in. The she buffed it in by doing large circular buffing motions. OMG, I was sold!! Look at the swatch below at the luminosity the brush gives.


I did the final product test. My boyfriend who stepped out of the store for about 10 minutes was called back in. I had tested the foundation on the left side of my face and on the right side of my face, I had my MAC Studio Fix Compact Foundation Powder on. I asked him, can you tell me, which side do I have foundation on? He immediately told me the right side. He could not even tell that I had foundation on my left. I was like, ok that is it! I am getting both the foundation and the brush.

I was initially matched to a darker shade which I think was due to the sales rep’s inexperience- she was a temp staff. So I made her test out a few shades before I finally decided on No. 64 In Fawn Medium.


A little bit more information about the MARC Jacobs Beauty Range.
Cost of Genius Gel: SGD$75
Cost of Brush: SGD$79

The MARC JACOBS Beauty Range is made in France and as such the products are more costly than the average product ranges found in Sephora. The Genius Gel foundation has 16 shades and is one of their most sold foundations. The Face Brush is so sought after that it is currently sold out on The Beauty Range also have other items like eyeshadows and lipsticks. The full range of the products can be found on Sephora’s website

I can’t wait to use this Foundation today and do the ultimate resistance test of wearing it to a club. I’ll post pictures on my next blog post.

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