Liners- They can be your Greatest Enemy or your Best Friend!


I love Eyeliners. In fact, if I ever get stranded on an island and only can bring one makeup item, my Inglot gel liner pot will be the thing that I’ll bring!! (with a liner brush of course)


If you haven’t tried this product, I swear, you are missing out on possibly the blackest, easiest gel liner ever made.


Not only is it super affordable, it’s like barely 60RM, it is super durable. I put it on for the entire day on my lid, in my waterline, under my eye and it stays put, nuff said.


The art to eyeliner is pretty much not an art once you have the confidence to work out the lines. No two eye shapes are similar. For me for instance, my right eye is much smaller than my left eye, thanks to a stupid eye infection that happened years ago.

Although my doctor thinks I’m crazy, I know my eyes. One eye is definitely smaller.

Anyways, enough about my battles with my doctor.


So basically, here are a set of my tricks to ensure that you get the smoothest line possible.


Step 1: Get an awesome mirror. Preferably those that let you get up close and personal, till your pores and lines are exposed. Trust me, the 5 minutes of being up close with your lines and pores will give you a great eyeliner result.

Step 2: The brush. Whether it is an angled liner brush or the $1 art brush from the Arts Supplies store, get a brush which you are comfortable with. I personally love the Anastasia Beverly Hills No. 12 Brush. It is meant for the brows but who cares?

Step 3: The gel liner. You need a gel liner that is stiff enough to stay put yet creamy enough to be smoothed along your lids. You know what I am going to recommend 🙂

Step 4: Look ahead and follow the ends of your brows as the end point of your liner.

Step 5: Close one lid and follow the upper lash line as a guide, doing short brush strokes. Once you are confident, smooth the lines as slowly as possible.

Step 5: Keep adjusting both eye lines till you get them as symmetrical as possible.


Trust me, you will get the hang of it. And once you are addicted, there is no turning back. You have been warned…


When all else fails and you feel your liner looks crappy, don’t worry!! It is just makeup and it is as arty farty as most arts are. If anyone asks, just say it is avante garde.





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