So Finally,the long awaited MARC JACOBS Beauty range landed in Sephora Stores in Singapore on 17 April 2014 and boy was there a long queue at the largest store in Ion Orchard.

I decided to go to the smaller store at Takashimaya shopping centre to check out the range and immediately I reached out for the liquid foundation which has been having rave reviews.

So I reached out for the GENIUS GEL SUPER-CHARGED FOUNDATION. It is a foundation with a built-in pump so i squeezed some on my wrist and blended it out with my fingers. Honestly, I didn’t like it very much at first. It felt like the foundation was visible on my skin and didn’t really blend in seamlessly as per the swatch below.


Just then, the sales promoter came over and told me that the foundation works the best with THE FACE 1 BRUSH

So she pumped some on my hand and used the brush. She first stippled it in. The she buffed it in by doing large circular buffing motions. OMG, I was sold!! Look at the swatch below at the luminosity the brush gives.


I did the final product test. My boyfriend who stepped out of the store for about 10 minutes was called back in. I had tested the foundation on the left side of my face and on the right side of my face, I had my MAC Studio Fix Compact Foundation Powder on. I asked him, can you tell me, which side do I have foundation on? He immediately told me the right side. He could not even tell that I had foundation on my left. I was like, ok that is it! I am getting both the foundation and the brush.

I was initially matched to a darker shade which I think was due to the sales rep’s inexperience- she was a temp staff. So I made her test out a few shades before I finally decided on No. 64 In Fawn Medium.


A little bit more information about the MARC Jacobs Beauty Range.
Cost of Genius Gel: SGD$75
Cost of Brush: SGD$79

The MARC JACOBS Beauty Range is made in France and as such the products are more costly than the average product ranges found in Sephora. The Genius Gel foundation has 16 shades and is one of their most sold foundations. The Face Brush is so sought after that it is currently sold out on The Beauty Range also have other items like eyeshadows and lipsticks. The full range of the products can be found on Sephora’s website

I can’t wait to use this Foundation today and do the ultimate resistance test of wearing it to a club. I’ll post pictures on my next blog post.

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Liners- They can be your Greatest Enemy or your Best Friend!


I love Eyeliners. In fact, if I ever get stranded on an island and only can bring one makeup item, my Inglot gel liner pot will be the thing that I’ll bring!! (with a liner brush of course)


If you haven’t tried this product, I swear, you are missing out on possibly the blackest, easiest gel liner ever made.


Not only is it super affordable, it’s like barely 60RM, it is super durable. I put it on for the entire day on my lid, in my waterline, under my eye and it stays put, nuff said.


The art to eyeliner is pretty much not an art once you have the confidence to work out the lines. No two eye shapes are similar. For me for instance, my right eye is much smaller than my left eye, thanks to a stupid eye infection that happened years ago.

Although my doctor thinks I’m crazy, I know my eyes. One eye is definitely smaller.

Anyways, enough about my battles with my doctor.


So basically, here are a set of my tricks to ensure that you get the smoothest line possible.


Step 1: Get an awesome mirror. Preferably those that let you get up close and personal, till your pores and lines are exposed. Trust me, the 5 minutes of being up close with your lines and pores will give you a great eyeliner result.

Step 2: The brush. Whether it is an angled liner brush or the $1 art brush from the Arts Supplies store, get a brush which you are comfortable with. I personally love the Anastasia Beverly Hills No. 12 Brush. It is meant for the brows but who cares?

Step 3: The gel liner. You need a gel liner that is stiff enough to stay put yet creamy enough to be smoothed along your lids. You know what I am going to recommend 🙂

Step 4: Look ahead and follow the ends of your brows as the end point of your liner.

Step 5: Close one lid and follow the upper lash line as a guide, doing short brush strokes. Once you are confident, smooth the lines as slowly as possible.

Step 5: Keep adjusting both eye lines till you get them as symmetrical as possible.


Trust me, you will get the hang of it. And once you are addicted, there is no turning back. You have been warned…


When all else fails and you feel your liner looks crappy, don’t worry!! It is just makeup and it is as arty farty as most arts are. If anyone asks, just say it is avante garde.




Primers- Necessity or Want?

Primers! Do we love them or hate them?

I personally love them! I know there are tonnes of primers out there in the market and I am like the bonafide product junkie. I am always on the hunt for the best product and have pretty much made myself the guinea pig so that you don’t have to waste money on stuff that aren’t worth it.

I have narrowed down my best primers to the top 5 below and I will definitely advise you to try these primers out.


Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting

This is one of the newer brands of makeup in Singapore but this has surpassed all other primers and made it to the top of many beauty bloggers’ must-have primers! This is one of the 8 primers that Smashbox has and I bought this to even out my skin-tone. I like that this primer keeps my skin matte yet moist while giving some staying power for my foundation to stay on my skin.  It does even out my skin tone after the use of foundation but I love it more for making my foundation last. This retails at SGD$70 and can be bought at most Sephora stores.


Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing

I am obsessed with having a radiant glow to my skin. This primer has gold speckles in it that gives your face a radiance and glow without looking like a glitter ball. The speckles are subtle and gives your face a glowy effect, especially in the sun. The result: well rested, looking skin with a fresh face feel.

It also retails at SGD$70 at most Sephora stores. I wouldn’t recommend this for oily skin though as it will make your skin look more oily.


Make Up For Ever High Definition

This was the very first primer that I laid my hands on. It is also on the costly end, retailing between $50-$60. This primer is really moisturising so it really helps prevent foundation from settling into fine lines and cracks on the skin. This is one of 7 shades from the Make Up For Ever range. I bought the neutral shade to get more bang for my buck and also because it works on most skin types. Do i love it? YES! This coupled with the HD foundation is really great for flawless looking photographs.


Guerlain Meteorites Light Diffusing Primer

What did I say? I love radiant and glowing skin. This is the latest primer that I have added to my collection. This too is super moisturising and it has beads in it that diffuses small specks of radiance into the primer. It gives a nice sheen to the skin and I love how it feels on my skin- just like moisturiser. I bought this in KL at MYR$222. It is pretty costly, I know right!!! I love it though:)



Inglot Under Makeup Base

Inglot is not sold in Singapore and I frequently make trips to JB just to buy Inglot products. This base is really awesome. It is super matte on skin and this works not only for liquid foundations but it is an amazing product even for powder foundations. It lasts all day even when I use my makeup early in the morning at 7am. This is the cheapest of all the primers and cost MYR$60. Absolutely love this product. Only downside is, well you have to travel to JB!


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Top 10 Dont’s- How to never behave in PUBLIC transports​!

~This is for all the commuters who suffer daily like me~

I am sure most of us have whined about this, cried about this, and dread the thoughts of commuting to work or school or wherever we need to be via our public transport system. I am not talking about the non-peak period. I am talking about commuting between 6.30am-9.00am and 5.00-7.30pm.

I live in Singapore and commute on a daily basis to Labrador Park so I have to board the train to Jurong East, change to the East West (green line), alight at Buona Vista and then change to the Circle line. Yes, this is Singapore- small but complicated. It takes me all of about 1.5 hours to get to work and that 1.5 hours of stress is enough to make me feel tired even before starting work. I am sure all commuters are aware of being in “sardine-packed” buses and trains in the mornings and evenings! So as bad, as the commuting may be, let me state the top 10 Dont’s of how to never behave in PUBLIC transports.

1. Carrying your backpack as if you are the only one on the train.

For God’s sake, when the trains and buses are packed, why don’t you use your brains and put your backpack down. You can remove the backpacks and hold it downwards. I know it’s heavy, you know why? Because you hit every passenger, who is behind you and who has to walk past you to either get on the train or off the train. And when the train jerks, you bang into the person behind you. Please bear in mind, we women are mostly well-endowned so can you imagine the pain? Students stop laughing, this goes out to you too.

2. Reading your newspapers or books and holding them out

I am all for reading. Heck, read while you are walking for all I care. But trying to squeeze in a read, while people are trying to fight for that inch of space, is the most selfish act ever. Can’t you read when the train is less packed? Is the newspaper going to fly out the window? No, it isn’t!

3. Turning on your music to the loudest as if you are in a club

I love music. I love cranking up the volume and tuning the world out. BUT.. not in a train when you are an obstacle to everyone around you. Imagine, trying to get out of a train and saying “EXCUSE ME” three-four times before finally having to tap you to move! It’s times like this when I wish the song “Move B***H” will be aired in the trains.

4. PDA- Public Display of Affection as if you are never ever going to see him/her again

I am not a touchy-feely person but I still have my sense of emotions. BUT, in the mornings, I do not need to see you groping her butt or kissing her like there is not tomorrow. Granted, that you are smacked against each other as the train is packed. Come on, how is that even a turn on, when you have people all around you who are perspiring and smelly due to the lack of air conditioning in the trains!

5. Cutting The Queue

We Singaporeans are a automatic bunch. Wherever we go, we automatically get into queues or rather we form queues. It is like a genetic code that is ingrained in our minds. Fine, so we create queues to manage the ridiculous human traffic. So, people at the back, please have the decent courtesy to respect that. If you are late, so are we. If you have no grace, please read the tonnes of signs on the train doors, it will tell you how to be gracious!

6. Scolding fellow commuters who accidentally bang into you because of the jerk-ing movements

Hey sexy lady, don’t think for one second that I am trying to hit on you, not literally at least. Yes I am writing this as a woman to women. I am not dirty. In fact I am much cleaner than you because I shower daily. If I bang you accidentally and say sorry, be gracious and accept. Don’t brush your arms off like I have some bacteria eating flesh disease. And no, I don’t think you are hot, for me to bang you. OOOPS…:smileytongue:

7. Pretending to sleep

I know, everyone wants to sleep more. It is like our number one agenda. But.. please give up your seat to the elderly or the pregnant. Pretending to sleep is really bad, especially if you can change your music or read your mails in between while “sleeping”. It is a true reflection of how selfish you are. So come on, be gracious. Pity the elderly and the “mind-the-bump” ladies.

8. Cutting your nails/ Picking your nose

This is one horrible habit that happens even during off-peak hours. Seriously, grooming yourself in public is embarrassing but cutting your nails and letting them fly about is disgusting. Nobody needs to see your dirty, filthy nails on the ground and nobody needs to see your “stuff” from your nose being flicked about too. Use the toilet if you have to. I am sure there is no pressing need to cut your nails or dig your nose in public.

9. Falling asleep and lying on the next person’s shoulder

Exhaustion is a pain. I totally understand. Sure i do. I am the most conscious sleeper ever. I don’t expect that of people. BUT… if you have been woken up by the next commuter because you had laid on their shoulder, get your act together and stop doing it.  Stand up if you have to! AND not continue sleeping and just conveniently laying on their shoulder. MEN or WOMEN, no excuse.


I know, everyone needs to get to work or school or home or wherever. Pushing gets you nowhere. It makes you angry, causes high blood pressure and worse, you might even be hit by the doors. So why not, wait your turn, and stop pushing. Imagine the number of people who curse you everytime you push them. Really, think about it.

This is my observation and definitely my experiences in commuting publicly. Sometimes I wish I was Dorothy and I could just click my shoes three times and get to wherever I need to be.



OMG Foundations!! They can be your best friends or your greatest photo nightmare that haunts you for years! As a makeup artist, the number 1 question I always get is, “How do you keep your skin looking so flawless without looking like a cake?” The answer is simple. Choose the right shade and the right foundation texture to suit your skin and your needs. There are a massive number of foundation types. I can’t speak on behalf of all skin types. But here are some of my top FIVE foundations which I love to use on my skin and I have used the same foundation on various clientale.

P.S. I have combination skin with my T-Zone being more oily.


CHANEL Perfection Lumiere

If you watch a lot of YouTube Videos, you would know that this is one of the most talked about foundations! This foundation is MATTE! It gives you the most flawless matte finish that you can never find in any other products, without looking like a cake of course. I must say, this is really costly. It costs SGD$80 but it gives such a beautiful finish that it really does surpass all other MATTE foundations. It is not drying and the best part is, you don’t even have to use powder.Of course for my skin, I powder my nose and forehead. I left the other parts of my skin with just the foundation. AWESOME stuff!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid

I bought this from This is also a MATTE foundation but this foundation gives your skin a dewy finish. Judging from your personal preference with how you want your skin to look, this can either look dewy without any powder setting or it can look MATTE with MAC’s Studio Fix Powder. I really love this foundation. I have used them on clients and it really does give you the most beautiful photos while concealing most imperfections. This retails at about SGD$50-$60. I bought it online so it was slightly cheaper. In our humidity, this product really can withstand the heat so it is a must have.


DIOR Skin Nude

When this was first launched, I was so excited because I love skin like foundations. This foundation does really give you a skin like feel. It is like not wearing anything on your skin and your skin does actually feel like it can breathe. However, this foundation is not buildable in my opinion and it will only work on those with minimal skin problems. It doesn’t provide any coverage and it is also pretty costly. I bought it for close to SGD$75. I personally do not have much skin issues so this is one of my favourite for me personally. However, I would not recommend this to anyone who is looking for great coverage.


NARS Sheer Matte

NARS just launched probably last year in Singapore so when I bought this, I bought it online on the NARS U.S website. It cost me USD$44 without shipping. In terms of its matte finish, it cannot compare to CHANEL Perfection Lumiere. However, I still love this foundation. Not only is it buildable, it is also very flattering on all skin types regardless of the condition of your skin. I have even recommended it to my friends who have skin issues. With every foundation, concealer is a must, especially for those with skin issues. So even though I recommend this to my friends, I make sure they use concealer with this foundation. I use this foundation regularly and I love how it feels on my skin. I love it so much that I even bought the Sheer Glow version!


MAKE UP FOR EVER High Definition

This foundation is my holy grail for my brides. I use this foundation on almost every of my bride. This foundation is costly. I bought it at SGD$75 and yes I do use a lot of high end products on my clients. This foundation is designed for photo taking and it gives you the most flawless and airbrushed finish. Gone are the days where brides want to look like “white ghosts”! I have never heard one single complaint about the way the skin looks after I use this foundation. If you ever are looking to buy a foundation, this is the foundation that you should get. It feels light, yet covers your imperfections and gives you a flawless finish. This is one that everyone should own in their kit, wherever you stay.


Tell me what you think or if you have any comments!! Or rather, tell me what your favourite foundations are! I would love to hear abt them!!

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